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Mens Fashion Tip - January Sales Up To 50% OFF!

As Everyone knows, after Christmas many of the biggest online stores will reduce their existing stock ridiculous levels in order to sell out this season’s stock for the new spring/summer collections. This year is a bit different because everyone seems to be slashing prices straight after Christmas Day and so their are some great men’s fashion items to be had and for brilliant prices online.

The beauty of shopping online is that you can see EXACTLY what sizes they have in stock right now without searching through rack after rack, and also you can order from the comfort of your own home without being crushed by 100’s of other shoppers all wanting the same bargains. I refuse to go shopping in the high street sales for this reason, and once you get some bargains online I swear you will never do the same again either!. Find more info on t shirt design here.

We have listed some of the best retailers below with a brief description of what they sell and how much you can save…

All Saints

Have up to 50% off all their styles. A mix of urban and rock influences with already great prices for the quality and look of clothes. A really cool brand where we all shop A LOT! Check them out.

Click Here for the All Saints SALE!


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Get a Professional Shave every time

Me and you will probably shave about 20,000 times in our lifetime (unless u have a beard or are lazy!). If every shave leaves you feeling like you’ve just hacked at your face with a cheese grater, it’s gonna be a long, painful ride and your not going to come out the other end looking your best right? A lot of men “think” they know how to shave, but they have normally been self taught or told by their elders. This was me too until I visited America recently and found out how the true professionals do it!

There is a famous chain of shaving professionals who run the Art Of Shaving Salons (Miami, New York and Vegas Baby) and I was lucky enough to go through the experience. Now after having a professional shave I would recommend every man get one at least once in their lifetime - I am sure there are places in the UK. You will learn first hand exactly what can be achieved with a sharp blade in a professional hand, and everything you have ever learned will go out the window. I was scared as hell the first few minutes, but it was easily the best shave I’ve ever had.

The Professional Steps to an amazing shave are:

  1. Prepare with the pre-shave oil to soften skin,
  2. Lather up with the shaving cream,
  3. The actual shave,
  4. Moisturise with aftershave balm/moisturiser.

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BBoy Underwear

Now everyone has to buy underwear, but not everyone either takes it seriously or cares that much! I personally beleive every piece of clothing you own should be an investment and of high quality. Those £1 pants from Primark aint just gonna quite cut it! A good pair of underwear will hug you body in the right areas, giving you a more defined shape and making you look infinitely better when you strip down to get down to business!

Can you think of anything more off putting than if/when you got intimate with a girl (or boy?!) and they had old, dirty loose fitting underwear on? This needs to change and it’s starting with you and me right now…

BBoy Underwear

BBoy Underwear is the latest and greatest in men’s underwear. They have a brand new collection available exclusively at UnderU (a great online men’s underwear shop) and pictures can be found below. Read More »

Continuing on from last week, we have 2 more mens fashion predictions for 2009. We are hoping to catch the trends before they actually start in order to stay ahead of the game and be individual.

Our next 2 predictions are as follows…

  • Backpacks are Back!
  • Harrington Jackets are Perfect for Spring
Backpacks are Back!

Yeah we reckon, and you heard us right… Ditch the messenger bag now please. Backpacks are back in a variety of designs and colours this season and to be honest im pleased. The messenger bag is overused now and there are so many cheap knock off versions at the budget stores that we need to change it. Backpacks aren’t just for 14 year olds and can look VERY fashionable. Make sure you wear both straps to make a point that you are indeed now rocking the backpack again and proud of it!

Look for new season bright colours and plenty of space. Check these out below:

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PASSARELLA DEATH SQUADEver heard of the PASSARELLA DEATH SQUAD?! Don’t worry it’s nothing sinister, they are just a brilliant and exciting brand of clothing you probably haven’t heard of before! Fear not however as we like to keep you on the pulse of fashion by showcasing the latest and greatest men’s fashion. Check out some of the latest collection in the full post.

See details on their brilliant new collection:
“This is dark sexploitation without being overbearing” says PDS founder Danny Broddle of his latest Passarella line. “I like the idea of something being appealing from afar but inspiring up close”.

And inspiring up close is exactly how we’d describe the latest collection. Classic pieces are cut slim and made from luxurious Japan sourced fabrics. Effortlessly cool, look out for provocative detailing like body darts, low back pockets and outer ankle zips.


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Oakleys Logo

With a lot of you going away to escape the winter blues (or booking as we speak!) I have had a lot of requests for sunglasses or what to look for when buying glasses. So i’ll start from the start and originals…. Oakley!

Now a lot of you will remember Oakley for their old “bug eye” glasses, but I feel with their new stuff they have kind of reinvented themselves with some really cool designs that are right on point in the fashion world right now! Details of the new collections below, so for those of you lucky enough to be going away check them out! Remember these designs are limited and so you can guarantee nobody else you know will have them. Have fun in the sun!

Oakleys Limited Edition Sunglasses
Oakley have resurrected their original 80’s tooling to re-produce the iconic Frogskin sunglasses in a very, very limited Collector’s edition - there are only 50 pieces of each colourway available in the UK and oki-ni has them exclusively.

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Each year all of the fashion designers, magazines, blogs etc. all try to pick out new fashion trends and predict where the industry is heading especially for the first half of the year. We are no different here at Fashionbeans and so over the next couple of weeks we are going to provide you with some red hot predictions about what you should be wearing RIGHT NOW in order to get there before everyone else!

As always, we are on the pulse ;) of mens fashion so we will not steer you wrong. Listen to us and look forward to a very stylish 2009! Our first 2 predictions to ease you in (before the more out there stuff!) are shown complete in the full article but they are:

  1. Extreme Lightweight Windbreakers
  2. High Contrast Plaid Shirts